EYFS Curriculum

Statement of intent for curriculum in EYFS

In the Early Years Foundation Stage at St Mary’s RC Primary school and Nursery, we believe in providing a secure foundation for future learning and development for our pupils.  We continuously encourage pupils to be independent, curious, creative and resilient learners who show respect for each other, their communities and the environment. Through our teaching and learning approach, we develop pupils’ communication skills, ensuring that they know how to appropriately express themselves and feel heard.  By establishing effective and supportive relationships with pupils, our EYFS aims to ensure that pupils feel valued as an individual, are empowered to meet their own needs and enjoy their learning experience whilst achieving the early years learning goals.


What do we learn in the Early Years Foundation Stage?

In Early Years, we have lots of fun being busy! It is through our play that we learn all we need to know. Early Years education is a vital part in your child’s development to ensure they are developing in a safe, secure and happy environment. At St Mary’s children are given opportunities to investigate and explore a vast range of activities and experiences and are encouraged to ‘have a go’.


Both Nursery and Reception follow the Early Years curriculum which is split into seven areas of learning.

There are 3 prime areas of learning:

- Personal, social and emotional development (which is all about getting along with others, sharing and taking turns)

- Communication and Language (speaking and listening)

- Physical development (this includes pencil control)

There are four specific areas of learning:

- Literacy

- Maths

- Understanding the world

- Expressive arts and design (which includes music, dance and art)


We teach these areas through a balance of focused tasks with an adult and through structured play within the areas of the classroom and outdoor area, which are enhanced with activities relating to our topic and the children’s interest. We teach a different topic each half term, which are based around a theme.


If you would like to see the curriculum map for each term as the year progresses, please visit the class page.  You can also find photographs the class pages to see the exciting things that we get up to in EYFS.


Returning to Reception and Nursery after the Coronavirus lockdown period

Following the Coronavirus lockdown period, teaching and learning in EYFS has a greater emphasis on PSED, CAL and role play and continuous provision is carefully planned to reflect this.

The Reception classroom has been adapted to account for 6 months of lost learning time in Nursery and new areas, such as small world, have been added the continuous provision to encourage relationships, communication and language and imagination.

EYFS staff completed a baseline assessment period at the start of the academic year and have used this to gauge an accurate picture of where each child was working at and to plan learning accordingly.  Teachers continue to assess children weekly based on assessment for learning during adult-led activities and observations in continuous provision.  This is documented down in each child’s learning journey and is used to plan learning each week.  As a result, all teaching for is personalised for each child so that they receive the relevant learning for where they are working at; this is done via small groups and 1:1 adult-led activities for Phonics, Maths and Literacy. 

Children in EYFS will still experience the same long term curriculum however the pitch of this will be based on the continual assessment process.


To see our EYFS Long Term Curriculum Plan for Nursery and Reception, please see the documents below:

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