Welcome to our page, we are the GIFT Team!


Who is in the GIFT Team?

Y6: Shelby and Dylan
Y5: Leah, Ryan, Casey and Ruby
Y4: Sienna and Rory

GIFT Team Friend and Helper: Tia


Our role is to be give joyful witness to Jesus Christ and the Gospel and make our school a community of faith.

We do so much in school, look at our photos below to see some of the things we have been up to!

What do we do?

- We are 'School Disciples sent to spread the word of God

- We were trained by Salford Diocese to be Prayer Disciples and we now lead prayers in assembly and class-worship to encourage others to grow in their faith

- We meet every Friday to plan activites, lead worship and organise events

- On the 1st Wednesday of every month, we do a Worship Workshop at lunch times (12.30-1.00pm) - craft based activities which involve the scriptures

- We work with Mrs Oldham, the RE Leader, and Mrs Barnes, our GIFT Team Leader, to plan and host whole school events such as charity fundrasing, #bekind week, The Month of the Holy Rosary and Prayer Stations

- We go out of school to visit the sick and attend services such as Valley Mass

We hope you like our page and everything we do :-)