Religious Education

As a learning community we place Religious Education at the centre of the curriculum and all policy development stems from here. With Christ at the centre of everything we do we foster a culture of respect, tolerance, love, forgiveness, mercy and peace. By following a programme of study called 'Come and See' alongside other resources we encourage children to live their life following in Jesus’ footsteps.

'Come and See’ fulfills all the requirements of the revised RE Curriculum Directory and has been recommended by the Diocese of Salford. It is a structured of programme and each year the pupils study numerous topics usually in 4 week blocks,these are studied through 3 phases: Explore, Reveal and Respond.

Alongside studying Christianity the children are also taught about other faiths. In addition to the world religions unit in for each year group, we hold an annual 'Friendship' week. During this week we have a whole school focus on one of the major world religions, these include; Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Buddhism. We celebrate our diversity, teaching the British values and the Gospel values throughout our curriculum.  The local authority and the community recogise how welcoming St Mary's are of all faiths, we actively encourage children of all to attend our school.

We provide the opportunity for prayer and collective worship to take place on a daily basis. This takes place as a whole school community, in key stages or in year groups. We value the importance of developing individual spirituality as well as praising God in worship. This enables our school community to develop their growing and maturing relationship with God. Staff encourage pupils and each other to reflect and contemplate on their thoughts, feelings and beliefs. We plan for creative opportunities for children to engage in different experiences of worship through artefacts, stories, resources, music, art, drama and speakers/visitors to engage pupils’ interest. 


For Information about prayer and worship and topics/objectives covered across all year groups, please see the documents and policies below.

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