St Mary's Staff

Welcome to our St Mary's 'Who's Who?' page, where you can meet our teaching and support staff.

My name is Mrs Mills and I have been the headteacher here at St Mary's since September 2020. I have been teaching since 1995, working in the UK and abroad. I love teaching Maths and Grammar, and I try to pop in to all the classes each day to see everyone working hard in school. I am married with three children and as a family we enjoy exploring new places and travelling, going for lots of walks and watching athletics tournaments.


I am Mrs Rawlinson, the School Business Manager at St Mary's. I look after the school finances, manage the personnel and premises functions,and oversee the school office. I love travelling the world with my husband and I am on the management team of a charity, the Bethany Family, which runs an orphanage and school in Tanzania. My husband and I volunteer at the orphanage during the summer holidays.


My name is Miss Entwistle and I am the Administration Officer at St Mary's. I love this primary school so much - I've probably spent most of my life here! I have been working here for 11 years, 3 years as the admin officer and I was a teaching assistant in multiple classes before that. I also came to school here when I was a little girl. In my spare time, I like to go swimming.


Mr Hampson is our site manager and works hard to make sure school is clean and safe to open every day. 


Our EYFS staff:

My name is Mrs Burridge and I am the nursery teacher here, working at St Mary's for such a long time that I am now working with second generation children. It is lovely being a part of these families for so long. I have been married for 37 years and have two children and five grandchildren. I enjoy walking and spending time with friends. Nothing can beat family time and there is nothing I love more than all my family being under one roof (or in one garden) sharing love, laughter and happy days.


I am Mrs Middleton and I am the teaching assistant in our nursery class. My favourite things to do with the children in nursery are reading stories (I still read stories to my own children) and being creative. I love seeing what the children can make using bits and bobs. I live with my hysband, two children and our dog. I love nothing more than going on adventures with my family, whatever the weather. We go on lots of walks and bike rides, and we love finding new places to have fun and make memories.


My name is Mrs Oldham and my main role here is the EYFS leader and Reception teacher, which I absolutely love. Working with the little members of our school brings about such awe and wonder each day, each day is different. I love to get involved in school life, including leading the GIFT team which is a huge privilege for me. It's great to work with such passionate children who have a heart for the Catholic life of our school. In class, my favourite activity to do with the children is art. I love getting messy and seeing what wonderful creations we can come up with together. Outside of school, I am mummy to 2 young children and I am married to Mr Oldham. I love going out for adventures in the woods with my family and taking my children swimming, even though I find the big slides super scary! I also enjoy going on bike rides too.


I am Mrs Rowley and I am the teaching assistant in Reception class this year. My favourite subject is maths. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family.




My name is Miss Duffy and I am the Y1 class teacher. I am also the Art, DT and PE lead at St Mary's. I have worked in Reception and Y3 here, and now I am super excited to be teaching Y1. In my spare time I love being with my own little boy and spending time with friends and family. 


Mrs Renzulli works in the Y1 class as their teaching assistant. Outside of school she teaches gymnastics and trampolining. In her spare time she loves shopping with her children.

I am Mrs Rothwell and I am the acting Deputy Head here at St Mary's, KS1 leader and Y2 teacher. I love making lessons fun for the children and making our classroom a happy place to be. I enjoy walking my dog Siva, and going to watch my favourite football team, Manchester City.


I am Mrs Plant and I am the teaching assistant in our Y2 class this year. My favourite places in our school are the outdoors areas, which are great places to engage children in their learning. I love to see the interaction with the natural environment both in role play and in art. I enjoy using song and dance with the children as well as playing silly games to help them develop their vocabulary. Away from school, I like going for walks and exploring all the canals. At home I like to cook and try new dishes as well as spending time in my garden.



My name is Miss Berry and I am the Assistant Head, KS2 leader and SENCO here at St Mary's. I am also in charge of the Pastoral Team, making sure that we all look after the emotional and physical welfare of our children. I also teach in Y2 and Y6 sometimes so the children see me a lot each day! When I am not working you might see me walking in the countryside with my boyfriend. Walking in the middle of nowhere or being next to the sea is my favourite way to relax. I also like to watch a mystery drama on the TV, trying to solve them (which I can never do!)


Hello, I am Miss Kay and I am the Y3 teacher. I am the English leader and I love teaching literacy to Y3. At the weekends, I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

                                                                                                                              Nursery - Miss Kay.bmp

My name is Miss Cunningham and I am the teaching assistant in Y3, currently on maternity leave. At school my favourite subject is history - I enjoy helping children learn about the past.  Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family, going on walks and to the park.


Miss Good is our Y3 teaching assistant at the moment and is enjoying being part of the team as St Mary's.

I am Miss Mills and I teach Y4. I am subject leader for history and I look after the school council. I am looking forward to sharing the voices of the children. When I am not at school, I am mum to my gorgeous little boy. We enjoy going for walks and playing board games.


My name is Miss James and I am the teaching assistant in Y4 this year and the nurture group leader. My favourite subject is science, especially taking part in experiments and watching the children's faces light up when they discover something new and exciting. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my familyand going on long walks with our two dogs.


My name is Mrs Khatun and I am the Y5 teacher. I enjoy teaching our inclusive curriculum but if I had to choose a subject I enjoy learning it would be history as I love finding out what has come before us to shape our lives today. I grew up in London and moved to Rossendale a few years ago. When I am not in school I enjoy the breath-taking views of the valley and looking up at the night sky.


I am Miss Raby and I am the teaching assistant in Y5. My favourite subjects and maths and PSHE. I have two daughters and as a family we love spending time at our caravan in Morecambe, going to the cinema and swimming.

                                                                                                                         Miss Raby.png

My name is Mrs Jackson and I teach Y6 at St Mary's. My favourite subject to teach is Maths. I have three children and I love playing the guitar, singing and spending time with my family. I enjoy going on camping holidays and spending time at the beach with my 4 dogs!

                                                                                                                              Year 6 - Mrs Jackson.bmp

Mrs Marshall is the teaching assistant in Y5, and she also helps to run the Breakfast and After School clubs. She loves reading with the children and watching their imaginations grow. In her spare time she enjoys spending quality time with her family.


Hello! I am Miss Knowles and I am the Y6K teacher here at St Mary's. As many people know, I have a passion for science and enjoy leading this subject, as well as computing. I always think that family time is important, so I spend lots of time with my partner and stepdaughters at home. I also love to read during my spare time and have managed to read almost 40 books this year! Being part of the St Mary's school community is special and I am excited for the year ahead.

                                                                                                                              Year 4 - Miss Knowles.png

Mrs Barnes is the teaching assistant for 6K as well as the lead Thrive practitioner in school. This year she hopes to share many exciting opportunities and experiences with 6K as she supports them with their learning and transition onto high school. She also supports our GIFT team. At home she spends a lot of time with her family, enjoying exploring the countryside and exercising her two dogs. She has a passion for reading and her favourite author is Suzanne Collins, who wrote 'The Hunger Games'. Her passion for reading was sparked at primary school by the author Enid Blyton and her books about the 'Secret Seven' and 'The Famous Five'.


My name is Mrs Townsend and I teach interventions and cover classes throughout the school. I really enjoy playing netball for a local team and I am passionate about travelling. I love being outdoors with my family. I am currently on maternity leave spending time with my new baby.

                                                                                                                                Year 5 - Mrs Townsend.bmp

Miss Begum is our PPA and interventions teacher at the moment, supporting in the Y2 and Y3 classrooms.

I am Miss Cunningham and I am the Family Support Worker here at St Mary's. I am enjoying getting to know all the families and my job involves supporting attendance, nurture time and meeting with parents and carers.


Mrs Knights is the support worker for Breakfast Club, lunchtimes, swimming and After School club. She likes travelling, going out for meals, reading and spending time with her grandchildren.

I am Miss Devlin and I am a lunchtime support worker, as well as helping out in the KS1 classes and when the children go swimming.


My name is Mrs Donnelly and I am one of the cleaning support staff, making sure everywhere looks nice, clean and tidy every day.

                                                                                                                            Miss Donnelly.png

Mrs O'Connor also helps us to keep our school clean during the week.



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