Welcome to our page, we are the GIFT Team!

Meet our wonderful GIFT team who work so hard to ensure the Catholic life of our school is amazing:

Y6: Roza, Aaron, Nicole, Maddison
Y5: Serena, Aimee, Isaac, Jan

GIFT Team Friend and Helpers:
Y6: Levi and Kai
Y5: Tifa and Caiden
Y4: Savana and Harvey

GIFT Team Leaders: Mrs Barnes and Mrs Oldham


Our role is to give joyful witness to Jesus Christ and the Gospel and make our school a community of faith.

We do so much in school, we will add some photos soon to show you how we help others.

What do we do?

- We are 'School Disciples sent to spread the word of God

- We were trained by Salford Diocese to be Prayer Disciples and we now lead prayers in assembly and class-worship to encourage others to grow in their faith

- We meet to plan activites, lead worship and organise events

- We do a Worship Workshop at lunch times and craft based activities which involve the scriptures

- We work with our RE and GIFT Team leaders to plan events for the school

- We go out of school to visit the sick and attend services such as Valley Mass

We hope you like our page and everything we do :-)



It has been a challenge with different bubbles, no assemblies and the many coronavirus rules but we are VERY proud to say we have still been able to launch and run some amazing projects in our school.

The thing we are most proud to have launched is 'Project Prayer' across the whole school.  The GIFT Team have met and decided on prayer themes for classes to focus on each week - themes which we are passionate about.  Classes have joined in during daily prayers and prayer and worship sessions.  Themes include: homelessness, climate change, animal welfare, thankfulness, the NHS and many more! We wanted to come together and pray not just for issues but for positive things in our life too.  We believe that together we can make a change!

We have been communicating to classes via videos but we do hope to be together soon for assemblies. We have uploaded them here for you to see - check them out :-)



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