The Science curriculum at St Mary's is designed to develop children's knowledge and understanding of the world around us.The teaching of Science enables all children to learn through quality experiential learning where they can ask questions and investigate. Children have access to a wide reange of resources and as they progress through school they are actively encourages to independently investigate and experiement. This allows pupils to develop a firm understanding of scienctific enquiry.

At St Mary's we view Science as a journey and the curriculum is designed to enable children to access all aspects of Science, including, animals, life cycles, rocks, space and more!


Science is an important part of a child's development in understanding the world around them. After the lockdown period, we have ensured that Science is part of our catch up plan.


Science Theme Day has given our children the opportunity to practice 'Working Scientifically'

Skills include:

- Observation 

- Data collecting and representing data.

- Classification

- Questioning

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